About INCO-Wiki

The INCO-Wiki is an Online Encyclopaedia on International Cooperation compiling all relevant information on International Cooperation activities in Horizon 2020.

Objective: Collect relevant information on INCO in Horizon 2020

Main target group: Experts/National Contact Points in EU-Member States, Associated States and in third country.

Principles of the INCO-Wiki:

– Open philosophy (easy access, free information)

– Allow interaction and exchange of experience

– Content is elaborated collaboratively

– Unlimited space and possibilities to add information

– Generally, there is no review before modifications are accepted

INCO-Wiki is a user community for NCPs

– Provides a knowledge management system for internal documentation and communication

– Provides the information a NCP needs for the daily work

INCO-Wiki does not offer:

– A carefully crafted site for casual visitors

– Information provided by one person / one organisation

– Source of valid information

– Accurate reference

– Absolutely trustworthyness

INCO-Wiki is a

… a social and intellectual experience. It seeks to involve the visitor in an ongoing process of creation and collaboration that constantly changes the Web site landscape.

… just like any info source — a good place to start, but not good if it’s the only thing you use.